You CAN’T Sell a House Without Kitchen Photography

You’ll never Get away without a photo of a Kitchen

You might get away with not featuring every nook and cranny of your home in an online listing, but here Photoplan writer Jenni explains why some things are just not negotiable when it comes to marketing your home…

I spend a lot of time on property marketing websites.

Not only do I need to source material to share with you on this blog, but I have also moved house twice in the last year.

And I love property. I mean really love it.

So I’d like to think myself pretty qualified to pass judgment on people’s property listings – and today I came across something that, to me, is just unforgiveable – a listing for a beautiful detached country home with no photo of the kitchen!

Kitchens Can Make or Break a Property Sale

I’m pretty sure it is generally accepted that kitchens are deal sealers (or deal breakers) for many when it comes to purchasing a property – so why this important area has been left out is beyond me.

To be fair, I can’t afford the home in question, and I’m not planning on moving any time soon, but the lack of information and imagery on this key room caused even my fantasy homebuying self to bounce away from the listing – so imagine the impact the omission is having on the serious searchers.

Heart of the Home Important for Emotional Connection

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of a home, and it’s well documented that successful property brochures and listings speak to the buyer’s heart as well as their head – so interior photography featuring this room is all important.

Even a good photo of a bad kitchen is better than no picture at all, I promise, my own home came complete with a 1970s platicised monstrosity – but at least I was well prepared for it when I viewed and didn’t run screaming from the building…


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