Web Video Real Estate Marketing “Cheap and Effective”

Estate agents are being encouraged to consider web video property marketing as part of their default sales package in order to appeal to an increasingly web-based marketplace.

According to US property marketing consultants ARME realty, estate agents who neglect the power of YouTube are missing a “cheap but effective” trick when it comes to selling houses online.

Estate Agents Should Use YouTube

The company explained: “Real estate professionals who are not marketing their Youtube videos or marketing their virtual tours on YouTube are missing out on a cheap but effective avenue from which to draw in new home buyers. It’s a crucial part to any marketing strategy.”

The home sale experts explain that video clips, videoettes and virtual tours should all be available to view online as a matter of course  – as recent research reveals that more than half of all househunters turn to YouTube looking for information and inspiration when seeking a new home.

Benefits of Web Video Real Estate Marketing

Choosing to create this kind of visual media for the purposes of marketing both homes and estate agencies themselves have a number of benefits over some more traditional media, including:

-Boosting search performance – as YouTube is part of the global Google franchise, it should come as no surprise to estate agents that the performance of web video property marketing clips could also feed into their google ranking, pushing their content up search results and making it more prominent in web search.

-Promoting Social Sharing – web video is the perfect medium for sharing on social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+, and providing neatly packaged property marketing can help create viral potential for your online home sales – daring to create something a little different will only increase the possibilities that it will be noticed and promoted by the online audience.

-Creating an Emotional Connection – selling houses is often about winning hearts, and the more media your provide house hunters to engage with in your marketing materials, the more opportunities they have to create that all important emotional connection with the property. Web video property marketing tools such as virtual tours assist buyers as they attempt to visualise themselves living in a home currently on the market.

How Much do Video Clips for Home Selling Cost?

For many estate agencies the bottom line when it comes to choosing marketing materials is, well, the bottom line. But web video property marketing does not need to cost the earth.

Agents and vendors can choose from a range of options for their video clips, with a range of price tags on offer to suit every budget. Options on offer include:

-Carefully edited videoettes showcasing stills from existing property photography – supply existing images and pay only for editing services.

-Video or CGI 360 virtual tours of properties for sale – pay for creation and editing

-Agent guided video tours – pay for filming and editing

-Narrative advertisements (possibly with creative agency involvement) – pay for creative input, talent, direction, filming etc.

Whatever route you choose to take to YouTube, joining the web video property marketing revolution will ensure even more opportunities for exposure


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