Virtual Tours Sell More than Just Houses

Virtual tour technology is undisputedly one of the best tools property vendors can use to help shift their home – but it is not just houses that benefit from the creation and dissemination of remote walk throughs.

360 virtual tours are now being used to sell everything from university education to high end vehicles, and even to persude people to make different choices in where they shop, eat or spend their leisure time.

Visual Media Good for Online Marketing

A diverse range of organisations across the world are using video or CAD tours of their premises, properties and areas to help market an experience to the wider world –whether that be the experience of a cosy vehicle interior or an expansive shopping centre.

Internet marketing consultants Biggestleaf explain: “Internet Marketing is increasingly focussing on user experience and the user likes what is pleasing to the eye,” and add that using virtual tours for marketing can be good for your figures both on and offline.

Benefits of CAD and Video Tour Tech

Other benefits of using tours for promotion of products and places include:

  • Building audience familiarity – tour users can create a connection, which can in turn lead to them making a commitment to your product.
  • Providing engaging content for social media sharing – bespoke tours can help to start conversations online, and provide a common ground for an online audience.

Whatever the object or your marketing campaign, a virtual tour may just be the perfect addition to your sales arsenal – so contact the Photoplan team to find out more about what we could create for you.



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