Virtual Staging vs Home Staging – How Should YOU Market Your Home?

In a buyers’ market, house hunters are able to be more picky – which means homeowners have to be really on the ball with their property marketing methods.

One popular choice for property sellers these days is staging – where rooms are dressed to look their best for property marketing purposes.

Vendors can choose between two types of staging:

  • Home Staging: Where a professional stager visits the home and physically alters to the look of spaces using everything from decor, to furnishings to accessories.
  • Virtual Staging: Which uses CGIs (computer generated imagery) to virtually dress a space showing off its potential and offering fuel for the buyer’s imagination.

Each method comes with its own merits – but which one is right for YOUR property marketing materials?

CGIs Best for Staging Vacant Property

One thing to consider when trying to decide between home or virtual staging is the existing state of your property:

  • Are you still resident in the home? If so not only will you benefit from the real life changes while you wait to sell, but you will also be able to show your home with pride throughout the property marketing process
  • Is the home vacant? Virtual staging with CGIs can help people see beyond empty spaces, but also reduces the risk of leaving furnishings, artworks and accessories in an unattended home.

How Much Does it Cost to Stage a Home to Sell?

Another factor that may affect your decision is cost. Of course, there are cost implications for both options, but often CGIs will be more economical answer. While some home stagers can create great interior tableaux using your existing pieces, others will recommend you rent furniture and accessories to stay in situ until you sell – which can become costly. To create virtually staged CGIs all you will need to provide is the property photography, which can then be edited using computer design programmes to create stunning “after” images of what could be achieved by the buyer – for a small flat fee.

Whichever sort of staging you opt for, do remember to make it clear to the buy if you have used CGIs or added accessories that will not be included in the sale, as no buyer likes to feel mislead during their property purchase.


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