UK lettings firm expands with new office

Jordan’s Residential Lettings has added to its network of UK branches with a premises in Wilmslow, bringing the total number to eight, Negotiator-Magazine reports.

The new office will reportedly be staffed by a team of six, and cater to residents throughout Cheshire, where the firm also has its head offices. Leading the team will be branch manager Mark Payne, who has previously worked at Jordan’s Altrincham and Manchester operations.

We’ve doubled our space in Wilmslow because of the boom in the rental market. Buying a house is no longer an option for most people. Renting is now the norm till much later in life because of the effects of the recession and the fact that more people now prefer to rent,” William Jordan, managing director of residential letting agents Jordan’s, reportedly said.

The UK rental market has been predicted by some to boom this year, taking up the slack in the buying market. According to an article published by the UK-based lettings agancy Belvoir, this market has “near perfect conditions” for 2011, E1 BTL Financereports, and rents will be buoyed accordingly.


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