Trends to help you attract “Generation X” buyers

Trends to help you attract “Generation X” buyers

As the world of property marketing changes at an extraordinary pace, On the Move has published a list of five emerging trends which can help attract “Generation X” buyers.

According to the publication, trends changing the way sellers and buyers communicate include:

Targeted marketing campaigns – business analytics software means estate agents can access information on demographics to develop highly targeted campaigns, OtM says, meaning agents can market a property to those most likely to buy it.

Mobile marketing – in the US, for example, 72 million people reportedly log onto the internet via their mobiles, creating big opportunities for agents to blend their property marketing campaigns with mobile technology.

Online video – according to the article, which cites Forrester Research, video content is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results. This means using a property video tour can help boost a property’s visibility.

Event marketing – hosting an event in a property for sale can help show the property off in its best light, On the Move reports.


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