The Most Expensive Property in the World Goes on Sale for $175m

Given that the worldwide economy is at an all time low and stocks shares have been dropping faster than you can say, “Whoops”, there must still be a massive appetite for hugely expensive Real Estate.

Wyoming is now not only the home of the famous  Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park – with its beautiful picture perfect lakes but it has now also become the home to the world’s most expensive house.

Now hold on to your hats, take a seat, pour yourselves a stiff whiskey and cup of ambition as this property, previously owned by US governor Clifford Hansen has hit the market for the bargain price of  $175 million (£106m). OK, you’re probably thinking this is going to be a monster of a property with its huge 1,750 acre back yard – but the main residence only offers three bedrooms.

Apart from the three bedrooms and amazing vista of the Rocky Mountains, it also boasts its very own equestrian centre, guesthouse and staff quarters surrounded by rolling wooded hills with aspens and evergreens, large productive hay meadows and fishing ponds.

If your reading this Blog and have seriously deep pockets and fancy a great development opportunity this property comes with planning permission to split the land into 35 separate residential sites.

However the current owner of the estate and casino owner Richard Fields, hopes that interested parties would look to preserve the whole land.

I’m sure this will attract some attention from the worlds elite and top property tycoons given its idyllic location, development potential and also the property’s location comes with tax benefits of  zero state income and estate tax.

So don’t delay open your cheque books, pull out your credit cards, call your Bank manager and Jonathan Pierce the property’s listing agent as a bargain like this will most likely be snapped up in no time!


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