The FORMULA for the Perfect Pinterest Picture – Useful Info for Property Marketers

Tech geeks have spent a year researching what makes pictures popular on Pinterest and similar sites, and have come up with a formula for winning social media imagery, which estate agents and home sellers may be able to leverage to gain exposure for their properties.

How to Make Property Photos Go Viral

According to research from US company Curalate, images that obey a few simple rules have a much higher chance of going viral via social media sites.

The company spent a year monitoring content on the social sharing and bookmarking site, Pinterest, and analysing the top performing pictures – with some interesting results, easily applied to property photography.

Tips for Social Media Photo Sharing

The best performing pictures in social media circles adhere to the following principles:

  • Include splashes of red or orange
  • Are shot in portrait (vertical) rather than landscape (horizontal)
  • Do not include people – feature only objects.
  • Are close up of the subject, with little background
  • Rarely use extremes of colour such as black and white.

Curulate CEO Apu Gupta believes their insights will be useful to marketers across a spectrum of industries and told online magazine “Consumers are increasingly communicating using images rather than words. We’re trying to decode that language and give you a better vocabulary with which to speak.”




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