Spec and Surroundings More Important than Schools and Transport when Selling Houses

Good transport links and access to high quality education have traditionally been seen as some of the most important aspects of a home when it comes to property marketing.

However, a recent survey has revealed that mentions of swanky stuff are more likely to help sell houses.

Property Marketers Shift Sales Focus

According to research from home insurance company Aviva, analysis of a large number of home listings has revealed that professional property marketers have shifted their sales focus away from these home selling staples.

Instead estate agents are choosing to place a greater emphasis on:

  • Aspects of the interior (hardwood floors, SMEG fridges)
  • A calm local ambience (green surroundings, away from noise and light pollution)

Making a Connection With Property Consumers

While practical information still features as part of some sales pitches, mentions of fine features, branded appliances and a peaceful location are now much more common ways of making a connection with the consumer.

Aviva’s Heather Smith explained: “We all fall in love with properties for different reasons, and while the character and charm of a home is a matter of personal taste, it seems that assets such as smart flooring and on-trend kitchen brands are as important to some buyers as transport links and schools.”

Of course, here at Photoplan we would always recommend that any descriptions are accompanied by picture, and would advise buyers to ensure that their agent has arrange for suitable interior and exterior imagery to feature alongside the positive points on their property listing.



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