Singing Birds Help House Sales

You might think that a glossy brochure fully of amazing property photography depicting hi-spec interiors is the best way to achieve a high offer on your home.

But think again, since it is possible that all you need to do to secure that high price sale is invite your viewers to take a tour during the dawn chorus!

Tweeting Puts Up Property Prices

This is because recent research has revealed that homes for sale in places with a wide range of avian inhabitants are likely to achieve much higher offers – with the variety of birdlife in any given area proving a reliable arbiter of the local property prices.

The study, led by Michael Farmer of Texas Tech’s department of agricultural and applied economics, found that the presence of uncommon birds in a neighbourhood could increase the price paid for a property by around £21,000.

The research, published in the Journal of Urban Ecosystems, suggests that house hunters subconsciously listen out for the song of rarer bird species including larks and nightingales, which, if heard, can have an impact on their perceived value of the property

Beneficial Effects of Birdsong

An article in The Telegraph suggests that the successful bidders on homes where you can hear birdsong will enjoy more than just the perfect property – since birdsong has proven beneficial effects on mood – helping to calm and relax listeners.

Commenting on the phenomenon, Rightmove’s Mile Shipside told reporters: “In the UK particularly people do also put a high value on wildlife so an area where we can see it and be close to it would be more desirable…”



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