Seller Motivation Key to Slick Property Sales

With so many estate agents out there all seeming to offer the same sorts of services, vendors might be forgiven for thinking that property marketing solutions are something of a “one size fits all”…

But don’t be fooled – because there are as many different types of property sales are there are homes on the market – and one of the key pieces of the puzzle for vendors hoping to achieve a successful sale is identifying  their own motivations.

Questions to Ask Before Moving House

Before putting your house on the market you need to ask yourself:

  • Why am I selling?
  • What do I want out of this?

The reasons behind a home sale will generally dictate the terms of a sale you are likely to accept – as well as making you aware of areas that buyers could potentially attempt to exploit.

Understanding Your House Move Motivation

Knowing WHY you are moving is important – you may well be asked about it by the buyer, so you need to identify the catalyst for the move so as not to be caught offguard – if you are feeling negative about your current property you don’t want to reveal this to house hunters – so try and shift the focus onto the positives of an alternative property for YOUR household, while still extolling the virtues of your existing home.

Understanding what you hope to achieve from the sale will allow you to set limits on the price, and move timeframe – since keeping your own objectives in focus will prevent you from feeling pressured into agreeing to anything unacceptable.



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