Search Engine Rankings are Important for Estate Agents

With an estimated nine out of every 10 property searches these days starting online, most estate agents are aware of the importance of an internet presence.

But not all understand what is expected of them once they get online.

In the current culture it is not enough simply to offer a website with basic information about your business and the services you offer, because both web surfers and search engines expect more from their cyber content.

Estate Agents Need to Optimise

And, while traditionalists may maintain they don’t care what the search engines think because they are creating content for their customers, the truth is that agents who don’t optimise for search engine rankings will simply not be seen by the majority of searchers, and will likely not be trusted by those who do stumble across their site.

Estate agents need to understand why search engine ranking is important:

  • A higher ranking pushes your site up the search results
  • High ranking sites get more traffic
  • Consumers TRUST sites that rank highly on search engines

What Search Ranking Says About YOUR Home Selling Site

In the age of the internet, search engine ranking says more about your property marketing business than just how good your website is:

  • It indicates audience engagement (search engines reward inward links)
  • It reflects your investment in online (shows an awareness of where the market is at the moment)
  • It recognises contribution to online conversations (rewards engaged agents)

The bottom line is estate agents need to ensure their online presence is current, relevant and optimised in order to reap the rewards of their internet investment.



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