Property Predictions for 2013: #2 You Will See Some Truly Awful Real Estate Photography!

So, throughout January we are periodically consulting the runes and scrutinising the stars* to come up with our property related predictions for the year ahead – here is our second (soon to be proven spookily accurate) offering…

2: You will be confronted with lots of bad property pictures!

You’d think, in this day and age, when internet and imagery invade our every waking moment that most people would have got the message that that great pictures sell houses. So why is it that any trawl through the listings on a property selling website turns up some truly awful images?

Whatever the reason behind it, we are sure that in 2013 there will continue to be agents who insist on shooting their own interior and exterior photography, and vendors who are willing to accept sub-standard shots that don’t show their home off in its best light.

From poorly lit pics that portray rooms as dark and dingy, to hurried snapshots where owners haven’t event had time to organise in advance giving an unkempt impression, in 2013 you will see it all!

Of course, we know that, should any of our readers decide to sell their property, they will be wise enough to invest in the services of a professional property photographer – like those on the Photoplan team, who will make it their mission to show off your home at its absolute best in every single shot!

*Ok, we admit it, we are actually just making educated guesses for your entertainment!


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