Property Photographers Warned: “There’s Tidying Up and There’s Taking the Mickey”

There are many reasons why home sellers need to seek the services of a professional property photographer when creating the imagery that they are going to use to market their home, not least of which is the pro’s ability to edit.

Post Production for Home Sales Shots

Tidying up shots, blending images to ensure that each feature receives the best possible treatment and retouching glaring and easily remedied errors that ought not be visible to the buyer (such as a poorly placed ornament or a dirty window) are all stock in trade actions in post production for property photography.

But this, argues one journalist this week, is where it should end.

In an article for the Independent Rebecca Armstrong claims that there is a “fine line between tidying up and misreprentation” warning estate agents and unscrupulous snappers that: “There’s tidying up and there’s taking the mickey.”

Property Photo Fails

The eagle eyed commentator lists numerous errors  and “property photo fails” she herself has spotted in estate agent imagery – from overstretched doorways to unfeasibly high ceilings – all of which have resulted from overzealous editing.

And her advice to anyone unsure of the evidence in front of their eyes? Check the Floor Plans as these can’t be fiddled to flatter!



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