Real Estate Photography with Open Fire

Professional Real Estate Photography a Must for Sellers

With quality image creation at the heart of our business , it’s no surprise that we at Photoplan would advise you to commission professional property photography if you are selling your home!

But don’t just take our word for it – take a look at the evidence of the impact images can have on your home sale.

Pictures are at the heart of any property sales pitch – and serve a number of important purposes in the process.

Images of Homes for sale Hook House Hunters

Thumbnails on online listings, photos in estate agents windows, images on newspaper adverts; wherever they appear property pics act to entice the interest of those seeking property to purchase. Recent research has revealed that people instinctively react as positively to beautifully presented professional property photography as they do to fine art.

Professional Real Estate Photography Provides Visual Reference Point

Beyond that first glance, buyers will refer back to property pictures again and again, to better understand the additional information provided in particulars, to cross reference with unofficial imagery (for example Google Map images) and to plan their own potential occupation (furniture placement etc.) Is it any wonder that 99% of estate agents rank pictures the most essential property marketing tool?

Property Photos Create Emotional Connections

There’s a reason why the saying is “love at first sight” not “love at first mention” – because visual prompts play a powerful part in the forming of emotional bonds. Yes, a home might tick all the boxes on paper, but it is that first look at an image that has the potential to send a homebuyer head over heels. This is why agents believe that “Stellar Photos” and “Hero Shots” sell houses – and the best way to achieve both is with professional property photography.

Visual Media Key to Social Sharing and Selling

With 25% of online minutes now spent on social sites, agents need a credible social presence if they are to maximise their exposure. Visual media, including professional property photography and property videos are key to social content sharing as these media are hugely reliant on visual hooks. With increasing emphasis on social sites whose main focus is imagery (think Pinterest and Instagram) commissioning professional property photography will help bolster web marketing efforts as well as individual sales.

Camera Quality Has Increased Expectations

The digital revolution has changed our experience of photography and has heightened all of our expectations of images. With so many talented photographers (both professional and amateur) sharing their creations with us online, we are conditioned to expect to be impressed by imagery. This is probably why we quickly discount images that are not up to scratch – meaning that even the best of homes can be easily overlooked if represented by bad property pictures that don’t have the power to grab the audience’s attention.

Demand Professional Images from your Estate Agents

The bottom line is that photos are so important you need to ensure their are made a property marketing priority. Before you enter into a contract with an estate agent make sure you ask them how images will be shot and by whom – if you agent is not planning on employing a professional insist that this is included in your package – and remind them that they too will eventually reap the rewards!


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