Preparing for Real Estate Photography? Choose Colours Carefully

Colour is an important part of the way you stage your home for property marketing purposes, so it makes sense that, before you commission property photography for your home listing, you will take a look at the palette used in your property.

While most people are guided by their own personal preference when it comes to choosing home hues, it is worthwhile considering the psychology of colour choices, as this could have an impact on your property’s appeal.

Colours can be used as a base or accent for property pictures, but knowing the accepted effects of certain shades can help guide choices during the property marketing process.

Using Red in Home Decor: Red shades can evoke power and vitality, but homeowners should beware as too much red can cause irritability and anger. For property selling purposes, red accents such as soft furnishings or accessories can be a good compromise.

Using Yellow in Home Decor: Yellow is an uplifting shade that is likely to have a universal positive effect. Choose yellow for studies and creative spaces as it is believes to aid the imagination.

Using Green in Home Decor: Another calming colour, green is a safe choice for public spaces in a home. If you prefer not to go with a green colour scheme, accents can be easily added using houseplants.

Using Blue in Home Decor: Blue is accepted as a calming colour, which is also associated with comfort and security. However homeowners should be careful not to allow blue themes to become too cold – as this can be offputting for house hunters.

Using White in Home Decor: While white is representative of clean, fresh blank slates, it can also be seen as overly clinical. Choose off whites if necessary or break up with accents of other colours.

Using Black in home Decor: Generally considered overbearing or depressive, black colour schemes can in fact be comforting as they are perceived as protective – however this is one not to be attempted without the help of an interiors expert.




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