Pre-launch Checklist

We will need to set user accounts for you and your staff. Please let us know the email addresses of these staff members, they will recieve a system generated email asking them to set a new password. Enter emails into the appropriate permission levels below, separated with a comma. You can also add new users yourself once the site is launched and you have been handed over admin access.
You need to sign the project off before we can make it publically accessible, signing the project off also means we will submit your website's sitemap to the Google Webmaster to be crawled and indexed. Please note only the key decision maker on this project should complete this part. It is important that you review all the below aspects of the website and sign off each in turn.
We have created a backup of your old website. Please download it and keep it somewhwere safe as we only store backups for 30 days after a given project.
Below are the details of any outstanding payments on this project. Please clear any outstanding payments via the link below and check the box to proceed. If any amounts or are incorrect please let us know before proceeding to the next step.
Project Total: £2,614
Outstanding: £1,307
Square Invoice Link:
Ok we're ready to launch the site. Submit this form and we will get the user accounts created, site maps submitted, clear the cache and make the site public.