Power Words to Help Sell Houses

It’s a trick of the trade that copywriters across the world are familiar with – using ‘power words’ to create a response from the reader.

And power words are also an important for estate agents – after studies discovered that homebuyers displayed specific reactions to certain elements of descriptions of homes for sale.

But while estate agents might be tempted to use words such as “beautiful” or “must-see” in an attempt to attract homebuyers with their listings, it would seem that power words for property marketing should be specifically tailored to the homes area and target market.

Use Local Buzzwords to Market Homes

Canadian home sales website Point2Homes carried out a survey that revealed different words performed best in different areas – with homebuyers on the east coast most likely to respond to words such as “space” and “lighting” while those on the west responded better to “ocean/mountain views”

Overall, house hunters seemed to be swayed by detailed descriptions rather than coverall adjectives – with brand names for appliances and luxury items also having a positive impact on the house hunter’s perception of a home.

Description Important for Home Selling

Power words and phrases  that created an unexpected response in the Canadian audience included:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Stainless Steel
  • Soaking Tub

The researchers behind the study say that knowing which words have a powerful effect on the audience can also help estate agents create a profile of their buyers, allowing them to further tailor marketing materials in future.






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