Photos the “Most Essential Tool” for Selling Property

Estate agents and vendors shun professional property photography at their peril, as a survey confirms that that pictures are the “most essential tool” in any home selling strategy.

A poll of property marketing professionals revealed that 99% of them believe that photos are the most important part of the home selling package, with the power to attract the attention of potential purchasers.

Good Real Estate Photography Firms Help Secure Sales

Industry insider Robert Larocca explained that while a photo may not be the key to closing a deal, it was certainly the best way of creating initial interest.

He said: “Buyers won’t buy the home on the basis of the photos, and nor should they as you need to see the home itself, but a poor set of photos will ensure it’s the last on the list when they are hunting for the right home.”

Vendors Should Not Skimp on Interior and Exterior Imagery

It might seem like simple logic, but time and time again we come upon examples of home sales where vendors or agents have skimped on the imagery, using self shot images or photos taken by someone without the necessary industry expertise.

However Larocca, who works in the Australian property sales industry assured that imagery was the most reliable way in which sellers could make their homes stand out from the competition, adding that their potential home selling power made professional property photos a great investment.



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