Overly Photoshopped Real Estate Photography – Home Buyers be warned

Real Estate Photography Professionals in Australia warn buyers

A property marketing industry body in Australia has warned buyers to “get off their butts” if they want to avoid being duped by overly photoshopped Real Estate Photography.

The advice comes after it was revealed that the threat of large fines had failed to discourage some agents from editing interior and exterior images to a misleading extent.

Property Sellers Addicted to Photoshop

While estate agents have been warned over the unethical editing of property photos, it seems that the practice is so ingrained for many Aussie agents that it is hard for them to stop photoshopping.

Questionable practices among estate agents include:

  • Editing out eyesores
  • Retouching images to give the impression of a freshly painted exterior.
  • Digital addition of green grass in gardens
  • Editing out high rise buildings in the background
  • Editing out Moldy walls in bathrooms or bedrooms
  • Editing out Electricity Pylons
  • Editing out Street Signs

In an interview with one photographer revealed that he is consistently asked by agents to push the boundaries of what is acceptable when it comes to editing images of homes for sale, despite warning them that it goes against the standards of conduct set by the local real estate institute.

House Hunters Advised to View Properties in Person

However, Antonia Mercorella of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland insists that there is one simple, sure fire way for house hunters to ensure they are not being hoodwinked by photoshopped pictures – and that is to go and view the property in person.

She said: “When you look at a property photography on the screen you don’t get a sense of what the street is like and what the surrounding properties are like.  You still need to get off your butt and look at it in the flesh.”



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