Our green fleet is now 100% exempt from the London congestion charge

Our green vehicles have finally been recognised with a 100% discount and this applies to all vehicles that emit less than 100 grams per km.

This means our fleet is now 100% exempt, we are very pleased with this news that makes complete sense to us.  For many years we felt that just because you run hybrid vehicles it doesn’t make them better for the environment than some conventional combustion engines on the market.

Our small fleet of CDI smart cars only emit 88 grams per km, making them the most economical and environmentally friendly car on the maket.

Cars which emit 100g/km or less of CO2 and that meet the Euro 5 standard for air quality qualify for a 100 per cent discount.  Any car registered as new with the DVLA on or after 1 January 2011 is deemed to meet the Euro 5 standard (some cars registered before this date that still meet the standard).

To benefit from our environmentally friendly floor plan and property marketing services delivered using the greenest cars on the market please call us on +44 0208 960 5180 skype us for free on sales.photoplan or email [email protected].


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