One Hyde Park launches, achieves record prices

One duo who must know a thing or two about property marketing is the Candy Brothers, judging by the hype they have managed to generate around the launch of One Hyde Park.

Among the 300-plus attendees of the development’s launch were the likes of Bernie Ecclestone, Simon Cowell, Philip Green and James Caan, according to various media reports, while the food was prepared by celebrity chefs Heston Blumenthal and Daniel Boulud.

And this property marketing offensive appears to have paid off, with the brothers reportedly claiming flats at One Hyde Park will fetch £6,000 per square foot – a figure that puts a four bedroom house at £60 million, according to the Evening Standard’s City Spy. Meanwhile, the three penthouses at London’s address de jour have reportedly already been sold, with one reportedly going for £135 million to a mystery buyer from the eastern bloc.


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