New Blogging Tools Aimed at Estate Agents

New Blogging Tools Aimed at Estate Agents

Every property marketing professional worth their salt understands the importance of their online identity – with a credible internet presence important if they want to inspire consumer confidence.

One of the key features of any agents online strategy, and staples of all social media strategies should be a blog – but for busy property marketing pros, setting up and maintaining this important outlet of news, information and advice can be a struggle.

Real Estate Marketing Blogs Reflect Agent Identity

The best property marketing blogs are carefully customised to reflect the agent’s identity and updated often to ensure that visitors are always offered added value – so choosing the right tools for blogging is important for property marketing firms.

Luckily, new product AgentsVoice recognises the conflicts faced by busy agents and has created custom software especially aimed at those working within the property marketing industry.

Their new premium real estate blogs are designed for fast set up, with agents able to be up and blogging within 10 minutes of signup. The service offers a wide selection of blog themes, mobile friendly format and built in lead generation forms for both buyers and sellers.

AgentsVoice Makes Real Estate Blogging “Easy”

AgentsVoice founder Michael LaPeter explained: “Top producers don’t have time to spend a day setting up their blog on a generic platform like wordpress, or figuring out what plugins and widgets are. They want a clean tool that looks professional and makes blogging about real estate drop dead simple.”

The company is offering agents free signup and setup, and a small flat fee covers unlimited monthly posting. Users can use the blog to share industry insights, listings complete with property photography, floor plans and more as well as news and information about their own agency.



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