Let There Be Light – An Important Part of Real Estate Marketing Prep

Let There Be Light – An Important Part of Real Estate Marketing Prep

Well, we’re just going to say it, this summer has been something of a washout.

And gloomy days aren’t great for selling houses – unless, of course, you are well prepared for your year-round property marketing.

Illumination Important in Home Sales

One aspect that every vendor should take into consideration before they even begin the process of active property marketing is lighting – both natural and artificial.

Light can do a number of things to a home:

  • Capitalising on available natural light can make a room feel large and airy.
  • Well-placed artificial lighting can help a space feel cosy, whatever the weather
  • Feature lighting can be used to highlight positive points in a property.

With this in mind property sellers should assess their lighting at the start of the sale – checking that rooms will be well lit during property photography, and giving themselves lighting options that will help the home to appeal at any time and in any conditions.

Owners Advised to Assess Lighting Options

Things that homeowners may wish to think about when lighting a home for property marketing purposes included:

  • Access to natural light – do window fittings allow the flow of light on bright days? Overly heavy curtains and bulky blinds can mean you are wasting this powerful selling tool.
  • Occasional lighting – can table, floor or mounted lamps can be added in order to give a number of lighting options for daytime and evening.
  • Outdoor lighting – if there is external space, is lighting in place to show it off to its best advantage once the sun is down?

Once lighting options are in place, homeowners should be careful to assess the conditions before each viewing and should ensure that relevant lighting options are on since it is accepted knowledge among estate agents that a well-lit home is a welcoming home.



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