Integrating On and Offline Real Estate Marketing

Integrating On and Offline Real Estate Marketing

There was a time when property marketing materials were limited to For Sale signs, property brochures and adverts in the local or specialist press… then came the internet.

With the arrival of instant access to information online, estate agents had to adapt, creating platforms to display the content of their property brochures online, from company websites, to property search portals.

Estate Agents Methods Must Evolve with the Internet

And, as the internet evolves, so too must property marketing techniques, with many firms now offering dedicated mobile content for smart phones and tablets as well.

Of course, few agents want to take their operation exclusively online, for fear of missing out on a sale to those few remaining technophobes, but creating mirrored marketing materials for on and offline use can be expensive and redundant.

For this reason estate agencies need to think carefully about integrated marketing strategies, which incorporate both on and offline elements and are easily accessible to all.

Transmedia Techniques Help Sell Homes

There are a number of ways to bring together old and new marketing techniques for a more transmedia approach, a couple of suggestions for those looking to streamline their property selling process are:

  • QR Codes: QR coding is a great way to bring clients to online content. QR codes can be placed on For Sale signs, in property brochures or even within print advertising giving house hunters easy access to online info.
  • Downloads: Where property brochures have been designed for print purposes, it makes sense to also offer these in digital format for the online audience – ensuring that materials reach the widest possible market.
  • Social Media Sales: Using familiar social media platforms to create leads and build relationships before meeting clients in the real world is a great way to build business.


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