How to manage your online reputation using social media.

As online and social media marketing take off in the hotel industry, hotel executives and marketing managers are increasingly using social media reputation management software to help them monitor their companies’ activity, reports hospitalitynet.

This software collects data from a number of sites, saving someone the job of visiting every social media network and checking for activity. However, it is important to choose the right software for monitoring your company’s reputation, and according to the website among the questions to ask are as follows:

What data types does it aggregate and index?

In answer to this, hospitalitynet says the software should collect the data from as wide a range of sources as possible.

“A lot of travel discussion happens on niche sites catering to people in specific regions or with similar interests. These smaller travel review communities may be very influential in someone’s buying decision, and cannot be ignored,” says Josiah Mackenzie in the article.

What is the international coverage?

Because travel is innately an international industry, the software needs to be collecting and aggregating data from websites in as many languages and from as many countries as possible, according to the report.

The issue is pertinent, because as the web allows a faster spread of information than ever, companies have to review the ways they monitor their reputation in the media. Both the hotel and property marketing industries have changed dramatically from the development of new technology, increasingly moving away from traditional media to tools such as 360 virtual tours and property video marketing.


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