“Home Movies” Sell Houses – the New Trend in Video Real Estate Marketing

There was a time when video property marketing consisted of the odd virtual tour or web video and videottes showcasing the bare bones of what a property has to offer.

But in a world of weary consumers constantly bombarded with bog standard promotions for all kind of products, savvy estate agents have decided to take video property marketing to the next level and offer them something more.

The newest trend in video property marketing is the “home movie”.

Video Real Estate Marketing Like Big Budget Movie Trailers

Despite its name, the home movie is anything but an amateurish depiction of domestic life – with the resulting clips being more akin to big budget movie trailers than the self shot clips we have come to know by that name.

Plotted and scripted by creatives, shot by experienced directors and featuring professional talent hired in to help showcase the home in question, these new style property marketing videos are offering the consumer much more than just a look at the interior.

Web Video Clips Support Lifestyle Real Estate Marketing

These glossy pieces of video property marketing are providing a glimpse into a lifestyle that could, potentially, be the reward for committing to the purchase of a specific property.

According to ‘Home movies’ are the newest trend in the real estate market to help sell homes.

“Actors, scripts and musical scores are commissioned for mini-movies by real estate agents and developers.”

Many estate agents, especially those at the high end of the market, are now investing heavily in web video production for property marketing in the hopes of gaining the edge on the competition when showcases houses for an online audience.

Well Produced Property Video Can Increase Exposure

As well as feeding into the consumers desire to buy into a specific lifestyle, these slickly shot pieces of web video property marketing also have the potential to boost online exposure  through social sharing – with the best and most entertaining property marketing videos often going viral on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

A photoplan spokesman explained: “ Web video is a great way to allow the consumer to connect with a property – but the 21 century internet audience is looking for something more than simple information – they also want to be entertained.

“Creating web video property marketing clips that combine the necessary details with a plot or storyline that is engaging and entertaining is a great way for estate agents and vendors to ensure that they are maximising their chances of online exposure.”

Home Movies Help Houses Stand Out Online

The craze is popular in Australia, with the easy going nation having taken the often tongue in cheek home movies to their heart and producing gems including these for prime antipodean properties on offer with agents Neo Properties.

Neos’ sales and marketing director Adrian Jenkins explained the reasoning behind the imaginative clips, which to date have feature everything from a scantily clad woman, to a naked man to a dwarf saying simply: “You have 17 seconds to sell your home online, the ability to make your property stand out in this saturated medium is key”



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