Has Your Home Got a “Hero Shot”?

Ok, so here’s how it works…

  1. House hunter visits internet property search portal and enters search criteria for location, bedrooms, garden etc.
  2. Internet search portal spits out a gazillion properties that could potentially be their next purchase.
  3. House hunter begins to scroll down the list, scanning the accompanying thumbnail images and making a split-second decision on whether to click the link and investigate further.
  4. WHAM! House hunter gets hit by a “Hero Shot” – the one piece of property photography that instantly attracts buyers to a home, creates an emotional connection, and could conceivably seal your sale.

So of course, if you are a seller then it’s time to ask yourself “Has my home got a hero shot?!”

If you employed an experienced professional to create your property photography then the likelihood is that you have – because this is what we are employed to do.

Property Photographers Trained to Spot the Shot

Unlike an enthusiastic but unskilled estate agent who insists on snapping their own marketing shots, professional property photographers are trained to see your “Hero Shot” – even if it’s not one that is obvious at first glance.

Professional photographers understand the importance of angles, lighting and exposure in showing off a property to its full potential, and they know how powerful a sales tool great property photography can be.

Professional Images Improve the First Impression

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to check your listing. Have you got a Hero Shot? If the answer is no then consider booking a professional property photography shoot to help improve that all important that first impression!

Contact the Photoplan bookings team to find out more about how our services can help improve your property marketing package!


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