Green Homebuyers Opting for Eco Friendly Agents

Green Homebuyers Opting for Eco-Friendly Agents

Property professionals should consider their eco-credentials if they hope to keep ahead of the competition, recent shifts in the market suggest. A report from the New York Metro this week explains that progressive young professionals are increasingly seeking out agents with a real interest in sustainable housing choices.

Environmentally Friendly Estate Agents Attract Eco-Conscious Clients

The shift in thinking is understandable as a whole new generation of homebuyers is emerging into the property market has grown up through the era of climate change and environmental awareness. As a result, the green factor is playing an ever greater part in home selection. From a property marketing perspective, this means that agents able to offer authoritative advice are in a strong position when it comes to sales.

In the US, agents are already able to achieve recognised green certification, while here in the UK property marketing professionals are invited to join Sponge – a network for those sharing an interest in sustainable development and the built environment.

Estate Agents Making Eco-Claims Must Practice What They Preach

However, in the era of the eco-savvy consumer, agents will need to be able to practice what they preach – and will have to couple the provision of environmental advice for buyers and sellers with property marketing practices that demonstrate their commitment to the eco-cause. Tips for agents wishing to demonstrate their green-mindedness include:

  • Choosing paperless promotional materials – for example by providing essentials such as floor plans and Real Estate Photography through online sharing and social media marketing.
  • Running an eco-friendly vehicle fleet – choosing electric or hybrid vehicles for employee use.
  • Instigating a zero-waste policy for company premises – from facilitated recycling to enforced end of day switch offs for electrical equipment.
  • Commit to offset all business-created carbon emissions and advertise this attitude.
  • ihometrade is a perfect example of eco-conscious estate agents planting trees and using only electric cars.


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