Floorplans, Photos and Virtual Tours Save Lives!

We all know that floor plans, photos and virtual tours are great tools to help market homes, but did you ever stop to think what other purposes they might serve?

This week we learned that floor plans, photos and virtual tours can literally save lives! Don’t believe us? Read on to find out more!

As well as being a great help to house hunters, who use these tools as both visualisation and planning tools during the property search process, recent property photography, 360 virtual tours and accurate floor plans can also help emergency services in the event that they need to access unknown interiors.

Visual Media Help Plan Interventions

Software programmes now collate aerial property photography, 360 virtual tours and accurate floorplan images, giving police, fire and ambulance crews easy access to this essential information in the event that they need to gain entry.

Being aware of the lay of the land when attending an emergency can be the key to first responders being able to rescue residents or intervene in an incident in time to prevent loss and damage – particularly useful for public buildings such as schools and health facilities, which can be hard to navigate if you are unfamiliar with the layout.

Marketing Materials Have Emergency Applications

The system has recently been adopted in Ohio, where access to the information is being made available to all emergency service personnel in an attempt to improve their efficiency at incidents.

“I could see it used in a lot of ways,” said Craig Evans, director of the Emergency Management Agency in Champaign County.



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