Floorplans Looking Flat? Time to Go 3D!

Floor plans Looking Flat? Time to Go 3D!

Floor plans are a great part of the property marketing arsenal, allowing potential buyers to get the feel for the layout of a home, as well as providing a useful tool for planning any possible changes.

However, those who opt for traditional two dimensional floor plans for use in their property marketing materials may be missing a trick as creating a three dimensional version can add an extra angle to marketing efforts.

Using precise measurements taking from a property, 3D floor plans are created with the help of CAD technology to give a visual representation of the available space in a home or other property for sale.

Enhanced 3D Floor plans Help Buyers See Property Potential

3D floor plans can be further enhanced by the digital addition of furnishings to signify the suggested use of spaces, and offering examples of optimum home layouts. This means they can particularly useful in helping house hunters to see the potential in vacant properties, or to appreciate spaces in homes that, for whatever reason, may be suffering from the shrinking effect of clutter or over furnishing.

For example, landlords with existing tenants may be unable to dictate how the home should be furnished while property marketing materials are prepared – but with the help of 3D floor plans can still demonstrate the true size and suitability of rooms for future residents.

Interactive Floor plans Can Be Tailored to Buyer’s Taste

And for those who really want to allow potential purchasers an opportunity to explore in the floor plan format, there are even interactive floor plans available – allowing property shoppers to experiment with spaces – adding features and furnishings to their own taste to get a better idea of how the home could be tailored to their own tastes.


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