Estate Agents are the Happiest Workers

Despite the constant ribbing and longstanding stereotypes, it turns out that professional home sellers are most satisfied with their work, a recent survey has revealed.

Property Sellers Enjoy Working in the Industry

The research, carried out by Forbes and Career Bliss, looked at a range of factors that can affect career enjoyment including…

  • Relationships within the workplace
  • Pay
  • Advancement opportunities

…and asked respondents to rate their happiness with each.

Out of around 65,000 respondents, reflecting a wide range of careers, estate agents recorded the highest average happiness score – 4.26.

The results also showed that many of those working within the industry enjoyed particular satisifaction with the level of control they have over their daily work schedules – which comes as no surprise in an industry where results speak for themselves and workers are encouraged to create their own successful sales culture.

Estate Agent Reaping Rewards After Tough Times

While the industry and its workers have weathered storms in recent years as a result of global economic downturns, those remaining in the business seem now to be reaping the rewards of their tenacity.

Heidi Golledge of Career Bliss explained: “Right now, it is a seller’s market so the real estate agent’s cost of advertising and marketing is very low and commissions are high. Happy times.”


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