Eight Years On – Photoplan and Facebook Both Going Strong!

Eight Years On – Photoplan and Facebook Both Going Strong!

Well folks, today is Photoplan’s 8th Birthday, a celebration that we share with another rather successful venture – Facebook.

As the social media giant this week celebrated the occasion by taking a step closer to the stock market float that will make many early employees into multi-millionaires, here at Photoplan we will be raising a glass to ongoing success and looking forward to our own bright future.

Real Estate Photography Company Born of Enterprise and Enthusiasm

Like our birthday buddy Facebook, Photoplan is a business that was built on youthful enthusiasm and an enterprising spirit – the company was started by managing director Ben Gutierrez from his West London bedroom when he was just 24.

Working as an in house photographer for an established estate agent, Ben saw a gap in the market for an independent agency offering quality property photography and went for it, forming a partnership with a colleague.

Leaving the security of their salaried positions, and with just one camera between them, the pair began to offer top notch image creation to agents across the capital and further afield and so Photoplan was born.

Photoplan Looking Forward to a Bright Future

In the past eight years Photoplan has grown and evolved to offer a full complement of property photography and associated design services, with 10 full time employees and a number of exceptional freelancers now working together to keep the company at the vanguard of visual property marketing.

“We are very excited to be celebrating eight successful years, and excited to see what the future has in store,” said Ben.

“2012 looks set to be a great year for both the company and our clients as we look to grow all areas of our business, not least our social media management services – a fitting enterprise for a company born on the same day as the world famous Facebook!”



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