Brooklyn Artist Takes Architectural Photography to New Heights

Brooklyn Artist Takes Architectural Photography to New Heights

A New York based photographer has taken exterior photography to a whole new level with a daring collection of shots captured as he leans over the edge of his city’s skyscrapers.

Navid Baraty, who lives in Brooklyn, wanted to attempt to capture the Big Apple’s streets from a new angle – an aim he achieved by gaining access to the roofs of some of the city’s tallest buildings and taking the risk of leaning far over the edges to photograph the scenes below.

Exterior Photography Offers New Perspective

The vertigo-inducing resulting shots are akin to aerial photography in many ways, but also incorporate an element of architectural photography and offer an exciting new perspective on the city’s architecture – more commonly depicted in skyline or ground up shots.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the photographer (whose images have appeared in publications including National Geographic) said: “Everyone walks around Manhattan looking up at the giant skyscrapers, but very few get the chance to look down from so many different vantage points.”

Good Photography Engages the Senses

The collection is the latest in a body of work that Navid hopes will “shape the way people think about the earth.” On his website he explains that the medium excites him because of its ability to “engage our senses and tell a story” – something that we believe all good property photography should also be able to do.


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