Britain’s Most Wanted Homes Revealed

Property marketing professionals have been given a unique insight into which of the homes on their books hold the most appeal for the property buying public after revealed the results of a recent survey.

What House? Magazine readers were polled on what types of property they would prefer to own, given the option, and the results revealed that a converted mansion house is Britain’s most coveted property.

A whopping 44% of the survey respondents were wooed by the mix of old and new in a contemporary conversion of an older building, which the magazine illustrated using interior and exterior photos of the City and Country’s Ball Park development.

Converted Period Properties Have Unique Appeal

City and Country’s MD Helen Moore explained the unique appeal of her properties: Living in a converted mansion house provides the unique opportunity to live in interesting and unusual apartments that embrace the building’s existing external and internal architectural features. It is the original features and unique aspects – such as the incredibly high ceilings or original wooden panelling found within these mansion houses that gives them a feeling of grandeur which people find attractive.”

Second place in the poll was taken by a city penthouse, illustrated by property photography of Redrow London’s One Commercial Street development. Redrow’s Mary Timlin explained: “City penthouses are not only a renowned mark of luxury and sophistication but they are often in highly desirable locations and offer superior finishes.”

Tailor Property Marketing to Tick Buyer Boxes

While not every home can be a mansion conversion or penthouse apartment, the property preferences revealed by the survey may help sellers and agents tailor their marketing to tick more buyer’s boxes, for example by:

  • Emphasising period features in historic homes while adding contemporary comforts
  • Styling city homes to give that luxury loft living feel

“Tailoring your own property to tie in with current popular trends is a great way of appealing to a mass market,” one property marketing commentator opined.


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