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Looking to Let? Invest in Professional Real Estate & Interior Photography

Very often, when we talk about property marketing, we do so in terms of homes for sale, but most marketing methods are equally as applicable to holiday and rental properties – and in some cases, such as the use of professional Professional Real Estate & Interior Photography are even more of a worthy investment.

We are all used to seeing glossy professional property photos of homes for sale, but the use of these shots seems to be less commons amongst landlords.

Up Appeal With Real Estate & Interior Photography

Perhaps it is because the state of the current rental market means that properties to let are often oversubscribed as soon as they are released into the market, but that is not to say that professional property photography should not have a place in the marketing of rental properties, in fact choosing to commission professional interior images could help to up a properties appeal and could help to bolster its earning potential.

Realise Best Returns with Professional Real Estate & Interior Photography

A picture is the most powerful property marketing tool available to landlords in a market where most searches begin online, and audiences click or not based on the initial image offered. Creating a lot of interest in a property through amazing images can not only help to ensure that unit is always earning, it can also help to ensure it is bringing in the best possible returns within its own market.

Images are Key to Exposure in Property Marketing

Did you realise that in the current competitive holiday rental market, potential tenants are trying all kinds of tricks to secure a tenancy? Including offering over the asking price for the rent on popular properties – and how do those properties get so popular? Exposure of course, to which imagery is a key element.

So, if you have a property to rent, choosing to have professional property photos taken can help to gain and grow the audience of potential long-term tenants or holiday rentals for your property. And the investment is one that brings repeated returns since, as long as the decor remains the same, the images can be used each time a tenancy comes to an end.

Use Pro-Shot Images to Complement Inventory

And, if you have a professional photographer on site for a shoot, you can use interior images for more than just property marketing, why not consider commissioning a series of images that can be used to compliment your inventory packs?

A professional photographer will have the skills to accurately document the state of any areas of the home that could potentially be damaged during a tenancy – and while photos alone a not enough to prove or disprove a case for a withheld deposit, they may be helpful in settling disputes when coupled with the relevant paperwork endorsed by both parties.

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