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360 Virtual Tours

Property sellers have long understood the importance of imagery in giving potential buyers access to the interior of homes for sale.

From the earliest illustrations to the photo affixed to the paper of particulars, through to the thumbnails of the results lists of internet home search engines, the power of property photography has been taken as a given by home sellers across the world.

Taking Property Photography to the Next Level

But now there is an opportunity to take the imagery offered up for scrutiny to the next level for potential purchasers, with immersive 360 virtual tours which allow potential buyers to explore a property remotely.

The 360 virtual tour tech has a number of potential applications:

  • Multiple Virtual Viewing in One Location: It could be used in-house by estate agents to allow time-poor clients the chance to “visit” a number of properties before committing to an actual in-person viewings (this means that many properties can be screened by the client in the same amount of time and valuable sales time is not wasted on visiting homes that hold not appeal to the buyer)
  • Presenting Properties for Sale to Overseas Clients: It presents a great way for overseas buyers to visit properties without having to travel – great for agents looking to find buyers for high end and prime properties as buyers with the wherewithal to purchase might be tempted in by a virtual tour that allows them to make a connection with the property from the comfort of their own home.
  • Allowing Potential Homebuyers to View the Future of Developments: Mocking up immersive 360 virtual tours of homes under development using 3D 360° CGI techniques allows property developers to get the jump on the sales process and begin to “show” the homes of the future to the buyers of today.

Indeed, this third application was recently put to the test in Birmingham, where developers used a virtual reality headset to offer potential buyers immersive property tours of homes still to be built within the Franklin House development in historic Bourneville village.

Immersive 360 Virtual Tours Give a Glimpse of the Future

Anthony McCourt of developers Court Collaboration told the Birmingham Post that the immersive tours had helped them to kickstart the marketing of the project saying:  “So many people want to get inside The Franklin and see what it is going to be like it has been frustrating to wait, so when I found out this technology offered a chance to see how the building will shape up in the future, it was too good to turn down.”

He added that the virtual tours had made a real impact on the potential homebuyers who had been given the chance to use them and said: “They seemed to convert a lot of interested parties into prospective buyers.”

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