Aussie Agents’ Unorthodox Techniques Grab Headlines

Aussie Agents’ Unorthodox Techniques Grab Headlines

An Australian estate agency has been using guerrilla property marketing tactics with great effect.

Property marketing experts Neo Property have hit the headlines again this week after a second promotional video commissioned and released by them went viral on the internet.

Video Clip Showcases Home

The clip, which the Gold Coast property agents have produced in place of traditional property photography or 360 virtual tours, features a scantily clad woman calling for help after being tied up on the balcony of a luxury home.

As gun-toting commandos scramble to a helicopter rescue mission the emergency operator asks the caller to describe her whereabouts – resulting in spoken description of the prestige property accompanied by stunning stills of the home’s interior.

Viral Real Estate Marketing Achieves Results

The video is the second such gimmick from agency owners Ian Adams and Adrian Jenkins, whose first offering went viral generating more than 30,000 online views after being distributed to just 100 selected customers. The new clip, uploaded to video sharing site YouTube by Mr Jenkins himself, has attracted more than half a million views in one month.

The pair, who innovative approach has highlighted the need for lateral thinking when it comes to property marketing in the post credit crunch climate say the videos are a tongue in cheek pop at the estate agency establishment. However, the glossy productions come with a serious sales agenda and the NEO agents claim the clips have resulted in hundreds of calls from potential buyers from across the globe.

Mr Adams said: “Traditional marketing tools just aren’t enough anymore.”


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