Attractive Estate Agents Get Higher Prices for Houses

The image obsessed estate agent is a stereotype that has gained some mileage over the years, but it seems that good looking property marketers do indeed get higher prices for the homes they sell – as a study has revealed.

According to the authors of “Broker beauty and boon: a study of physical attractiveness and its effect on real estate brokers‘ income and productivity” agents who are deemed more attractive tend to sell more high price homes.

The study, which used the agent’s headshots to rate their attractiveness to a cross section of people before comparing the results against performance figures available publicly.

Looks are Important in Property Sales

The results showed that, the higher the level of perceived attractiveness in the agent, the more likely they were to be achieve high prices for home sales.

The authors of the report said: “Given the nature of the brokerage system, this confirms our theory that beauty enhances an agent’s wage”

Advice for Estate Agents Who are Attractive

The theory tallies with other recent studies that show a higher level of achievement in attractive people across a number of industries – but the report authors warn that estate agents who are easy on the eye should not rest on their laurels…

…a further  investigation of the figures reveals that agents ranked as less physically appealing display higher volumes of listings and sales, suggesting that the beautiful agents may still be falling short of achieving their true potential – possibly as a result of complacency.



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