Are Homes Ever Outdated? Retro Features a Property Selling Plus!

You know what they say about fashions, wait long enough and they will come back around.

And the same goes for homes – what may seem like outdated features at one point, will eventually become a desirable selling feature, which should be highlighted in property marketing materials.

Retro Homes are All the Rage

With retro furnishings, styles and fittings being all the rage with certain sections of society, sellers who are concerned that their home may not be to the taste of the modern market, may find that perceived drawbacks are actually plus points!

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Australian estate agent Jerri Harrison Taylor said: “Retro is very in at the moment and a lot of buyers […] seem to want those original features.

“Although you have the occasional buyer saying ‘I’d like to rip everything out because of the location’, I am getting a lot of people that are loving that style and going, ‘Oh my God, this is fantastic”

While buyer Averil Bates added: “I think retro is something that has already had such an awesome life that you are taking on.”

Vintage Property Marketing About Presentation

Of course, as with all things in property marketing, a huge amount of the way features are received comes to down presentation, and a savvy home sales copywriter and switched on property photographer will be able to tap into your home’s very own vintage and retro USPs.



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