Aerial Real Estate Photography Prompts Police Action

Aerial Real Estate Photography Prompts Police Action

Police in California, USA have issued a warning to property marketing professionals and members of the public after a rise in the use of property photography taken by unmanned aircraft.

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department decided to take action to educate homeowners after news reports of large flying objects hovering over housing developments.

Used Licensed Professionals for Aerial Imagery

Sergeant George Gonzalez of the LAPD said that home sellers and real estate agents needed to ensure they were using properly licensed professionals to create aerial shots for their property photography portfolio, explaining that unregulated operators could be putting passenger aircraft at risk.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times he said the warnings were being issued to help vendors and their representatives make “informed decisions” and added: “We are just trying to inform the public to ensure that before hiring these companies to operate these aircraft in federal airspace, that they are abiding by the federal regulations to ensure safety.”

Photography Drones Used for Real Estate Marketing Purposes

Flying photography drones are becoming a more common feature of the property marketing process, allowing agents and self sellers to capture images of properties from the air without the expense of traditional aerial property photography.

Companies offering the service must ensure that they have the correct permissions from the federal authorities before getting airborne – as many of the drone devices used are capable of attaining altitudes where they can come into contact with other aircraft.



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