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Founder & Managing Director  – The MD of the company Ben, who founded Photoplan way back in 2004, we are now Fourteen years on and photoplan.co.uk & photoplan360.com has gone from strength to strength. Ben Says – “We have built up an amazing team of Interior Photographers, 3D Artists and Office Staff who works tirelessly every day on all sorts of Property Marketing projects. If you are looking for something a little more bespoke then please contact us here if you’d like to benefit from our amazing services


Business Development Manager Business Development Manager extraordinaire, Darryl joined us from a Recruitment background having worked at Reed for over ten years. He wanted a new challenge in his working life and was instantly a clients favourite. No project too big or too small he will develop any project from CGI’s for a huge new development to a simple residential Lease Plan. Darryl will look after you from start to finish. He’s also taken it upon himself to project manage the daily chocolate biscuit stock take.


Leaseplan Technician Master of the universe when it comes to floor plans and the guru of Land Registry Lease Plans, he is able to piece together any multiple Lease Plan with ease. A self-confessed internet addict with Twitter at his side for all the latest news before even the trusted BBC broadcasts. Give Martyn a tasty crafty Ale and he’ll push your lease plan to the front of the cue, bribery is key getting what you want in the world of Leaseplans.


Photoplanner Meet Rhodri, he started off as a Freelancers having just returned from his US adventure, where he actually set up a Photoplan franchise in New York. Deciding to raise his family in London he returned and is now living in West London with his family. Rhodri covers the West, North and South West of London and comes highly recommended by all our clients.


Photoplanner & DEA Moaning about life’s little things is Greg’s speciality or Gregisms as we’ve coined it in the office, it’s actually quite hilarious and feel he should make a career as a comedian similar to Karl Pilkington. Having started with Photoplan straight out of university he is our longest serving employee after the MD of course. Covering North London for all your Property Photography, Floor Plans and EPC requirements.


Marketing Manager & Photoplanner Nicole is a designer don’t you know! Coming from an advertising and creative industry background, having just had her first child Oscar she decided to get a more flexible role as a Photoplanner. This still very creative role at Photoplan was perfect and she could immerse herself in her other favourite past time interior design


Photoplanner & DEA We started a ‘Save Dan from a life behind a desk’ campaign resulting in his job with Photoplan as a Photoplanner & DEA. This set Dan free on to the streets of London with his Photoplan mobile. Coming from an estate agency background ensured Dan knew how the industry worked and settled in extremely well liaising with our client base. He loved his trip to Amsterdam so much he’s going back again later on this year.


Photoplanner & Web development Sinisa is all around techie, worked as freelance for Photoplan for a couple of years. Geek from inside, creative from the outside, torn between Photography and Web design he was a perfect fit for Photoplan. Specialising in 360 virtual tours, loves to fly drones, I have an uncontrollable urge to disassemble stuff to see what’s inside and want’s to fix everything that has stopped ticking.


Photoplanner Richard is a seasoned Estate Agent who was looking for a more relaxed and creative role that was still focused on property. Photoplan was the perfect match and his passion for Photography shown through, his attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of how the estate agent thinks has been invaluable. Covering North, East & South East London.

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