3 Things You Should NEVER Say When Selling Your House

Selling your house is an emotional time, when the heart can take over the head – but BEWARE allowing yourself to be ruled by your emotions as a slip of the tongue during a showing could cost you a sale.

If the property photography in your listing and brochure has tempted a potential purchaser, make sure you don’t put your foot in it when the time comes for them to take a tour.

Keeping your wits about you while you market your home is important, so we’ve come up with a pocket guide to what NOT to say when showing people around your property.

Forbidden Phrases for Home Seller

1.       “We are looking forward to moving”

Obviously you want to move, that is why your home is on the market – but the buyer wants to believe this is the perfect home – so don’t remind them of your desire to go. Stress instead how happy you have been here.

2.       “It’s a great family home – our kids were conceived here!”

Bleugh! Buyers don’t want to be reminded of your physical presence in the home. So in the same way that bathrooms should be shiny and sterile and devoid of any trace of actually serving their purpose, any reference to bedrooms should be restricted to sleep and storage

3.Sorry about the mess – there’s nowhere to put anything!”

If you have kept clutter on display, don’t let on it is not through choice. Lack of storage can be a dealbreaker for buyers. The best way to avoid the issue is the pre-pack and place unnecessary items in storage.



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