3 Powerful Real Estate Marketing Techniques YOU Can Use

Did you think marketing your home was all down to your agent?

Think again.

You know your home better than anyone, meaning you are well placed to get involved in the property marketing process.

While your estate agent is as interested in selling your home as they are in selling ALL of the properties on their books –  your only concern is selling you property – so why not put your enthusiasm into action and see if YOU can speed up that sale!


1 – Focus on Features

You know those little things in the house that make you smile everyday – even though you’ve lived there for ages? YOU are the only person who knows about them – so make sure you tell the world! Point them out to your professional property photographer, ensure the agent includes them in the listing and make sure they are spotted during showings.

2 – Lifestyle Marketing

Is your home so much more than bricks and mortar? Will moving into it change the buyer’s life for the better? How? If there are important lifestyle elements on offer along with your property you need to publicise them. Good ways of doing this include:

  • Video Area Guides
  • Personally Prepared Info Packs
  • A Blog

3 – Market Research

If you want to be a successful seller you need to know your market. Find out WHO is buying in your area, and tailor your home to their tastes. Are homes being snapped up by downsizing baby boomers? Maybe that nursery needs to go neutral so they can see it as a study. Is the area popular with student landlords? Make it clear that additional public rooms could easily convert to bedrooms and so on.

You are the only person who cares as much as you do about selling your home, and YOU have the power to create a seling campaign that really plays on its strengths – from choosing quality property photography to bringing a personal touch to tours – you could be the difference in your own property marketing process.


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