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SmugMug is the site that many professional photographers utilize to share content with their clients without the fear of theft of content and it is a site that many budding photographers strive to go for. Unless you are extremely serious about your photography, you may want to perhaps put off SmugMug’s fees.

It should be noted that the site has no free options. When users really look at what they get though, they find loads of invaluable resources. Photographers can sell their work through SmugMug, unlimited storage and traffic bandwidth, no ads, integration with loads of Photo Editing Software programs, and once again ultimate protection of your creative content from theft. If you can afford the prices, then you’ll have one of the firmest starts that a photography student can have. Otherwise, consider it a goal for when you’re a professional and can turn your art into profit.

Due to the lack of free options, students that are just major photo enthusiasts may perhaps want to flock over to Flickr instead.


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